First blog post

Welcome to Religion in Everything. 

This is not my first attempt at blogging, but I’m hoping it goes better this go around. 

I have always been around religion. I grew up going to a Presbyterian church with my dad, and later joining a Methodist church with my mom. But it was my picture in the dictionary when you looked up “ye of little faith”. I questioned things. A lot. 

I took quite a break from church while I was in college, and didn’t really get back in to it until I had my son (about 6 years ago now). I joined a church, had my son baptized, and became pretty involved. Church picnics, fundraising, Bible studies, etc. When we moved to a new town, I found myself on another hiatus. Not just with attending church, but almost from religion entirely, although it was unintentional. 

I started reading the Bible, cover to cover. FYI, there are some really boring parts. It has helped to peak my interest again though, and we went to a really nice Easter service a couple of days ago. 

I still question a lot that I read and hear (and hence, question my faith a lot too). But what I’ve been trying to do recently is see God in everything. Objects. People. Feelings. Animals. Nature. Work.

So this is going to be my attempt at sharing when, where, and how I see religion working in my everyday world.

Again, welcome, and I hope you enjoy.



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