Bible Daddies

I think a lot of religion blogs will be associating Father’s Day with God the Father. Which is totally appropriate. But I thought I’d go a different route this morning. There are many other fathers and father figures in the bible. So let’s go through some and see their impact on their children and on our religion.

Adam – the first human father. He had nobody but God to ask for advice. He made some bad choices. He also had to deal with the tragedy of one of his son’s killing the other. Adam can teach us that following God’s commands is important and that there are consequences for our actions.

Noah – protected his family, and animals, by simply listening to God and performing the task at hand. His faith helped save humanity.

Abraham – was given the mission of being the father of the Jewish nation. What a job! He was a leader, and although made mistakes, demonstrated immense faith.

Isaac – Abraham’s son. Had to follow in his footsteps – that was probably a little daunting. He learned to trust God from his father, and hence became a good leader and father himself.

Jacob – the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. He favored one son over the others, which caused issues, but shows us that God works, even with our transgressions, to make His plan come to fruition.

Moses – only had 2 sons, but was like a father to the Hebrew nation. He cared for them, helped them, provided for them, and even disciplined them. He freed them from Egypt. Even overwhelming plans work out when you have faith.

David – although he sinned significantly, David repented and had great faith, and his son Solomon became a great king of Israel. He provided us with many of our beloved psalms.

Joseph – I saw something that called Joseph Jesus’ foster father, and I don’t know why, but I felt like it had a bad connotation. Maybe stepfather? Either way, Joseph cared for Jesus during his upbringing and taught him a lot. I imagine Joseph was a strong, kind, honest man.

To all of the fathers, current and past, thank you. Thank you for your leadership, your wisdom and advice, your unyielding care, and everlasting love.




One thought on “Bible Daddies”

  1. A good Bible Old Testament rolemodel as a father I like is Joshua. Joshua was given the baton after Moses died to lead the Nation of Israel, was given a specific task of leading them into the Promised Land, and defeated armies of enemy nations. His conquest was one of great victory and great set back. A great military leader he was! All he had to cling on was God’s promise and reiteration of “Be strong and Courageous ” as he embarked upon his mission. Great Old Testament Saint.

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