New Focus. New York.

After my rant a couple of weeks ago, I’ve decided to continue writing. But maybe with a new focus. Since I was being hypocritical, I’m going to avoid some religious stuff, not all I’m sure, but I’m also going to try and be conscientious and not ‘preach’. I don’t want to tell people to do things, especially if I’m not practicing them myself. So this blog is going to take a twist and be a little bit more like a diary than a pulpit.

This past weekend, my family went to New York. It started kind of as a joke. Earlier this summer, my 6 year old son said he wanted to go to New York City because he saw a YouTube video that showed a lot of Pokemon in NYC (in a game where you catch the characters, called Pokemon Go). But I ended up thinking that it could be a great idea. Instead of the typical beach trip, New York would be something different. Almost a new culture that my son would get to experience.

We headed up early Saturday morning and stopped on the New Jersey side to catch the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Come to find out, 6 year old’s don’t care about the history behind the statue, or the history behind our country even. They care about MagiKarps and Psyducks. But, it was a beautiful day and I was actually feeling somewhat happy.


Then we checked in to our awesome AirBnB in Brooklyn and caught the Subway to Times Square. I’ve been plenty of times, but it’s still quite the experience! The lights, the noise, the hustle and bustle of the city. We had to grab a few slices at the closest pizzeria before we headed to bed though.


The next day was spent mostly at Central Park. Oh. My. Goodness. This is something that I hadn’t done all of the times I’d been to the city. It is beautiful. The gardens, landscaping, trails, waterways, lawns. People were biking, running, walking, and even playing baseball. There was a carousel. A castle. A zoo. The infamous chess house. We grabbed some gyros and hot dogs from the street vendor and then went to rest before our evening in Queens. We caught the Mets vs. Dodgers game. We rooted for the local team, even though they lost quite badly. But another neat experience at an MLB park that I had never visited. Citi Field was very nice. The food. The drinks. The whole ambiance reeked of Americana, summer, and camaraderie. But boy were we exhausted!

20708431_10106010832345653_8863228232820953538_n 20664976_10106010832565213_499746744508696985_n

Then the fun began. We lost the keys to our apartment. Ugh. Luckily by 2am someone let us in and we crashed for a few hours. Too bad we had to pay $50 to replace the keys. But, we spent the next, and our last, morning walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoying the awesome skyline that New York has to offer. And of course, we couldn’t leave without grabbing some sandwiches at a local deli in Dumbo.


All in all, an exhausting, wonderful weekend. I highly suggest foregoing the typical beach family vacation this summer and trying something new.


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