Pokemon Personalities


I sadly know more about Pokemon than I ever thought I would. Downfall of having a young child in this day and age. But I learned something new the other day. There are roughly 720 Pokemon. And they are categorized into 18 types.

I have taken the Myers-Briggs Test, a couple of times actually. I am either ENFP or ESFJ. But there are thousands of others out there that try to determine what kind of pizza you are. Or which Disney Princess you are. Since Pokemon is so prevalent in my life right now, I thought I´d break them down and try to psychoanalyze myself into a certain type.


Water: Go with the flow. Flexible. Carefree.
Fire: Passionate. Dedicated. Go-getters.
Grass: Introverted. Grounded. In touch with environment.
Electric: Extroverted. Energetic. Spontaneous. Outgoing. Center of attention.
Ice: Difficult. Rough around the edges. Secluded.
Rock: Strong minded. Independent. Hard to break.
Poison: Hurt others; don´t mean to. Toxic. Gray cloud.
Bug: Underdogs. Underestimated. Have courage to evolve.
Normal: Followers. Change to fit the crowd. Avoid being different.
Fighting: Debaters. Competitors. Can be aggressive. Like routine.
Flying: Dreamers. Don´t stay in one place too long. Travelers.
Psychic: Good judge of character. Smart. Spiritual. Seek to figure out others.
Dragon: Over achievers. Get overestimated. Fast. Powerful. Easily hurt ego.
Ground: Traditional. Don´t like change. Stubborn. There when you fall.
Steel: Direct. Goal oriented. Have shining moments. Constructive.
Ghost: Keep others on their toes. Pranksters. Impact others from a distance.
Dark: Keep hidden until they really know someone. Wear black. Keep quiet.
Fairy: New to the crowd. Optimistic. Colorful. Cheery.

Apparently, you can be just one, or a combination as a Pokemon. So that must mean that I am a: fire, electric, rock, poison, normal, fighting, flying type. And what that tells me, is that nobody is just one thing. I am more electric one day, and fighting the next. I am a mixture of things. And that´s what makes me, me. I might not be the right combination for everyone, but that´s alright. I am Jessica, and there´s no other type like me.



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