Mom brain

I’m running on pure will power and caffeine. I know that there are tons of dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc out there that feel this way too, but for me it’s definitely what I call mom brain. I make a to-do list daily that includes things like: work from 9-6. Eat lunch. Call Dad. Clean the bathrooms. Because otherwise, I’m a bumbling mess of a human that doesn’t know what time daycare closes.


A normal day (and no day is ever normal) includes getting up before 6, getting a first grader ready (breakfast, potty, meds, dressed, backpack ready, lunch packed, water bottle filled), getting myself some coffee, feed the dogs and let them out. Then off to the bus stop. If I’m lucky enough, I get to go for a run; 2-7 miles depending on the day (next post on the recent running woes). Then shower, dressed, more coffee, and off to work for 9 hours.


Then I get to pick the kiddo up, possibly baseball practice, or if we’re lucky enough to have a day off, I get to go straight home and start cleaning and cooking dinner and doing homework. Sometimes I actually give my kid a bath, too.

All the while I’m planning out which birthday parties we can or can’t attend, planning the end of season baseball party, constantly trying to catch up on work at home (and home at work), schedule doctor and dentist and vet visits. Sometimes I try to watch TV or read a book, but only once every couple of weeks.

I’ve also entertained the idea of going back and getting my Master’s degree. Classes start on the 16th of this month. NBD.

This whole blog post started this morning when I got an email from our local youth sports association. We are currently playing ‘fall ball’ baseball. The season ends in 2 weeks. I’ve already signed my son up to play basketball this winter that will start on January 6th. And this association must think that I don’t do anything else during the day, because this morning at 8:09 am, I got an email letting me know that registration for regular season baseball would be open soon. Ummm. What? Baseball starts the first weekend in April. APRIL. It is October 4th, 2017 and you want me to even have the faintest hint of an idea of what I’ll be planning to do in April? I don’t even know what I’m going to pack for kiddo’s lunch tomorrow and it’s 9:15 pm.

Youth Baseball game

I’m sure planning ahead of time and being prepared is wonderful. But that doesn’t work well in my world. My 6 year old could decide on February 15th that he wants to play soccer. And then on the 28th pick horseback riding. Or karate. I haven’t the foggiest idea what will happen tomorrow, much less next year.

All I know is that my mom brain can’t decide if it wants another cup of coffee, a nap, or a shot of vodka (it’s National Vodka Day, btw, and I hope you read this before the clock strikes midnight).



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